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Christina Lord


Rene is one of the most popular creators of romance music– this is his latest endeavor.  It is a treasury of Rene’s original compositions along with popular classical and Broadway melodies. Rene’s magical instrumental sounds give a feeling of warmth and relaxation. Great for a romantic dinner or anytime romance is in the air.




Chicago's own Rene enhances the romantic spirit that's already typically present in great pianist works by offering selections by Chopin, Debussy, and Andrew Lloyd Weber to showcase his talent for tinkling keys like only the best can. His knack for finding some of Broadway's classics and giving them a breath of fresh air is superb and he even finds time to explore the nuances of lovely classical pieces, brushing off the dust, and giving them his own unique flair for the romantic in all our souls. Beautiful.

Frank Bosler 

KGLP - 91.7 fm, Gallup, NM

  Soulmates is beautiful

Christopher Albright

WTUL - 91.5 fm, New Orleans, LA

 We're on top of Soulmates.  It is a truly beautiful recording with nice arrangements

Serge Kovlosky, Belarus Russia

The entire palette of the loving experience can be found in Rene's diverse and remarkably harmonic album.

Rene's melodies are so extraordinarily light and airy that the listener feels awareness of being comfortable. His very poetical album allows one to dream about things that are lofty and bright. This is the music of a person who is able to stay open to deep feelings and enjoy life in a world that is too often unfeeling. How did he manage?

Sergiu Rusu 

Radio Arad 99.1 FM Romania,

 March 2001

I think your music makes the listener feel closer to heaven. You can really hear the music of the spheres inside your heart. I warmly recommend Rene's impressive albums to all my listeners.


Intensely and deftly, Rene's music celebrates the flow and gracefulness of a loving relationship between artist and his music. You're guaranteed to fall in love with Rene!!


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