...experience the enchanting, romantic, soothing sounds of Rene.


Early Beginnings

Rene’s penchant for composing instrumental music is rooted in his early beginnings. Starting on theater organ at age five, he studied throughout high school, transitioning to piano in college.  At both the American Conservatory and Sherwood Conservatory in Chicago, Rene studied under the late Harry Davidson, a man who would have the greatest influence on his playing.  


Influenced by...

A common thread from childhood to today is Rene’s love of dramatic and sweeping movie scores. Early on, Errol Flynn swashbucklers and historical movies captured Rene’s musical ear and along the way, he has been enthralled, captivated, and influenced by great movie score composers, like John Barry and James Horner. The diversity in Rene's music is further evident in his admiration for progressive rock groups like Rush, Yes, Kansas.



In a recent release, Rene has masterfully interwoven the genius of Beethoven, Chopin & Bach, to create a musical tapestry that attempts to reveal the countless complexities between good and evil.  Disarmingly beautiful illustrations by  French illustrator Gustave Dore enhance this stunning arrangement.  A continued interest in literary classics motivates  Rene to interpret other such famous works.  Ever curious, Rene is currently led to explore other musical genres -  Jazz, Flamenco, and Bossa Nova.


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Original composition from "Upon The Threshold"


Original composition from "Soulmates"

Joie de Vivre

Original composition from "Poet of the Heart"

Share the Moment

Original composition from "Upon the Threshold"

Christin's Serenade

Original composition remastered for "Portrait"


Original composition from "For It Is Written..."

Rehearsing with Flamenco guitarist, my friend Berto Sales.

La Divina Commedia

The Divine Comedy - my interpretation of Dante's classic.