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Featured are Rene's Current Releases as well as several sample tracks.

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Released in 1995

1. Best of Friends

2. Christin's Serenade

3. In Search of Kubla Khan

4. Sahara

5. Share the Moment

6. Regalia

7. With Grace & Glory

8. Dance of the Cherubs

9. Forever Yours

10. Veni, Vidi, Vici

11. And Then I Loved You

12. With Grace & Glory (reprise)


Released in 1998

1. Beyond the Horizon

2. New World Anthem

3. Joie de Vivre

4. Fragile

5. Mediterranean Desire

6. Espana

7. Closer to the Light

8. The Human Spirit


Released in 2000

1. Joie de Vivre

2. vous et nul autre

3. Love for all Seasons

4. A Hero's Tale

5. Pax Vobiscum

6. Ave Maria

7. Love Eternal

8. First Romance

9. Forever Yours

10. Ave Maria (reprise)

Released in 2003

1. Love For All Seasons

2. Share the Moment

3. Joie de Vivre

4. Soulmates

5. Best of Friends


Released in 2004

1. Your Heart is Free

2. Andante

3. Anam Cara

4. Claire de Lune/ Music of the Night

5. Somewhere in Time

6. Simplicity

7. Impromptu

8. Gymnopedie No 1

9. Adagio in A flat Major

10. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

11. The Swan

12. Farewell


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Coming Soon


prepare to experience the enchanting, romantic, soothing sounds of Rene

Rene’s soon to be released CD, entitled “Portrait” is a collection of romantic piano ballads filled with the gentle and melodious themes that have become his signature style. 

Spanning 18 years of exploration, “Portrait” paints a chronology of his finest musical moments.  Rene has drawn inspiration from life and travels to reveal yet another facet of his art; with a sophisticated Euro feel, the new tracks will please and delight. 

Every once in a while, two very fine artists come together to create magic; this is true of Rene and his favorite cellist, and especially true in “Portrait.”  Joining him once again, after nine years, is Matt Agnew, accomplished principal cellist with the Elgin Symphony Orchestra.